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Data Encryption: Still a Fine Art

Keeping data safe is an ongoing concern, one that has plagued internet users since the advent of email allowed us to quickly and easily transmit information. While there are many different ways of...

Is Free Antivirus Software Safe?

We’ve all probably done it at some point in time, and it’s usually something we regret shortly after the download completes. With all the risks we are prone to while poking around the reaches of the...

Choosing an Affordable IT Company in Phoenix

Looking for the perfect IT company in Phoenix? MTI Tech Solutions is your answer. If you’re on the hunt for IT companies in Phoenix, Arizona, look no further than MTI Tech Solutions. MTI Tech...

How to Tell if Your Business Tech Is Outdated

No matter what kind of business you run, some level of technology will be involved. And because technology continuously evolves, it's important to keep up to date with key changes. Having updated...