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3 Cybersecurity Myths You Need to Delete

Jul 24, 2018

Cybersecurity has been around for some time now, especially in the financial and data industries. Just about every business you run into will (hopefully) have some sort of security system in place to protect their network. Yet, while some may have a security system and others may not, there are still numerous misconceptions about cybersecurity that, if believed, can put you at more of a risk.

Knowing the truth behind these cybersecurity myths will do more to protect you and your data than simply downloading software.

Myth #1: Cyber risk is a different type of risk

Business 101: know your risk and weigh it against possible gain. Unfortunately, many companies treat “cyber risk” as a separate type of risk apart from the fundamental areas of risk. Truthfully, cyber risk doesn’t really exist, not in such a way that it should be handled separately. Risk is risk, whether it’s regarding cybersecurity, the safety of personnel, operations, or anything else. You should pay the same amount of attention to all of your risk.

Myth #2: It’s just an issue for IT services

It might make initial sense to correlate a cybersecurity threat to IT support but that’s just creating an expressway for those threats to manifest on a broader scale. Cybersecurity is something that should touch all departments of a business regardless of the presence of technology. Cybersecurity can rip through a business and make it to every computer, mobile device, security camera, and just about everything else. Implementing IT solutions to fix the problem is always a good idea, but in no way is it just an IT problem.

Myth #3: You can be safe if you’re protected

Unfortunately, cybersecurity works as a network and is only able to perform if every entity in your network is protected. Protecting yourself or your business alone is never enough to ensure total coverage. Every entity within your network needs to be secured such as contractors, subcontractors, outsourced IT solutions, billing services, and any other entity affiliated with your company.

Not surprisingly, 58% of all businesses are concerned about cyber attacks. That number should really be higher but a majority is better than nothing. When it comes to your cybersecurity, knowing the bottom line can save you in the long run. Don’t fall victim to these cyber myths.

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