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4 Amazing Benefits of Outsourcing IT to Managed Services

Sep 24, 2018

Running a business is often like playing a life-sized game of Jenga: pulling resources and allocating them elsewhere leaves your foundation unsteady and likely to crumble. Many companies stretch their IT department so thin that they aren’t able to firmly handle the big picture, and that’s when mistakes are made. For companies like this, managed IT services can be a great way to support the foundation of your business. Here are a few benefits of managed services.

You can use your IT staff again

Your business operates day by day. However, it also relies on the continuous reaching for bigger and better things. When you outsource some of your extremely complex and dynamic technologies and functions to a managed service, you can free up your in-house IT department to do more tasks that benefit your company’s daily operations.

There’s less risk

There are countless government regulations, market trends and prices, technological advancements and changes, and financial situations that all fluctuate in the blink of an eye. You may have a qualified team of IT support experts, but you still open yourself up to some risk by keeping everything in-house. With managed IT solutions, you’re letting experienced and qualified professionals manage the risk for you. For example, you may be part of 96% of companies that report having a disaster recovery solution, but you may also be part of the 50% who use cloud-based technology. Managed IT companies can help you implement a disaster recovery solution that utilizes the best and most secure cloud technology available so you can rest easy.

You don’t spend as much on labor

When your IT team was handling every technological aspect under the sun, you contemplated bringing on more staff to handle the workload. Managed IT solutions not only frees your team up, but it also means that you don’t have to spend more money on labor by hiring new staff.

Around the clock service

Your managed service isn’t nine to five, and you can get access to the information and technology that you need, whenever you need it. Especially since, as a business owner, your work doesn’t start at nine and it surely doesn’t stop at five, you can finally have round the clock IT support.

There are many more benefits of outsourcing to managed IT services, and contacting a provider is your best bet for finding out just how much they can do for you.

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