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Biggest Patch Tuesday

Oct 21, 2009

Microsoft says it will deliver its largest-ever number of security updates on Tuesday to fix flaws in every version of Windows, as well as Internet Explorer (IE), Office, SQL Server, important developer tools and the Forefront Security client software.

A total of 13 update were released Tuesday, eight of them pegged “critical,” the highest threat ranking in its four-step scoring system.

Of the 13 updates, Microsoft put the patches scheduled for SQL Server, Visual Studio and IE at the top of the list.

Windows 7 also received it’s first official set of patches: Five of the 13 bulletins were marked today by Microsoft as affecting the new operating system. Although Windows 7 won’t reach retail or be available on new PCs until later this month, some customers — primarily enterprises with volume licensing agreements — have been able to obtain the OS  thus the updates must be applied.

To ensure that your systems are up-to-date MTI Tech Solutions recommends installing the latest set of patches as soon as possible. Contact MTI today to schedule a service visit!

* Please note, not all machines are equipped for the updates; similarly some software programs like Oracle & QuickBooks can be rendered inoperable. Contact a professional to install the critical patches.


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