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Data Encryption: Still a Fine Art

Sep 12, 2023

Keeping data safe is an ongoing concern, one that has plagued internet users since the advent of email allowed us to quickly and easily transmit information. While there are many different ways of protecting data, password protection is by far the most common. However, it is not nearly as secure as having the documents properly encrypted so that they may not be read by prying eyes.

For anyone seeking to get classified or even sensitive data being sent internally from a company, finding a way to hack a simple password lock on a document is not a significant challenge. If the person or entity has experience it would be a matter of minutes, if not seconds, to get into a so-called protected document with a simple password. This scenario is nightmarish for companies that deal in sensitive financial or other information that they cannot afford to have compromised due to a simple email slip.

Luckily there are several excellent encryption software programs that are not available on the marketplace, which are neither very expensive nor very hard to use. Most include drag and drop or simple add options that would be very easy to train staff to use. Similarly most have a varying level of encryption options and require the same software to be on both computers, the sender and the receiver, in order to decrypt the documents being shared.

Some excellent examples of software that is available are:

  • Encrypt Files: Looks and feels a little more cumbersome than it actually is, and is relatively user-friendly.
  • dsCrypt: Provides a very easy-to-use and drag-and-drop method of encrypting files.
  • MEO Encryption: This software is excellent for email users and allows the user to create executable files that will self-extract on decryption.

There are a plethora of choices out there when it comes to internet security and encryption, making choosing the right software relatively harder than necessary. If in doubt, always consult with a technician or local IT professional giving them all the requirements and capabilities that you are looking for and getting expert guidance.

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