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Does Your Office Have One?

May 9, 2012

“The Accidental IT Worker” — Many small businesses have them: The employee hired for one thing and somehow ends up doing the computer work for the company. It happens all too often, especially these days when employees find themselves wearing multiple hats. How confident are you that they are equipped to handle issues beyond the basic technology procedures? Lack of knowledge can potentially open the company up to security problems. “There’s a misconception that if someone is an expert in one piece of technology they know everything,” says Cindy Bates, Vice President of Microsoft U.S. Small and Midsize Business. “If someone knows about setting up email they may not know about databases.”
A trend is developing where more small businesses are discovering it is more cost effective to have an IT company manage their systems compared to if the business goes down for a day or more. Contact MTI to discuss our various service packages.

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