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Google Music

Jan 18, 2012

The recently launched Google music store provides a good iTunes alternative for Android Users. Simply create a free account at music.google.com. You must have a valid Gmail address (which you more than likely do if you are using an android device).

Once you’ve set up your Google Music account, you’ll have the option to download Google’s music manager software for your computer allowing you to upload the contents of your music library to your Google Music locker. You are limited to storing 20,000 songs in your Google Music locker, but any music you purchase through Google’s music store won’t count against that number.

Account created; now visit market.android.com/music to start browsing through music offerings. Currently users can only purchase music through the Android Market website via a PC. However, an update to the market is sure to roll out soon allowing you to browse and purchase from your mobile device as well.

Song prices range from $0.99 to $1.29 and show up instantaneously across your devices. Install the app on your phone and you are able to stream over the air. Songs can also be saved to your SD card so you can still listen to your music even in low signal areas.

Stay tuned for more updates about Google Music from MTI.

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