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Here’s Why You Should Consider An IT Service Provider

Dec 10, 2018

It’s a brave new world out there, one in which we rely increasingly on technology to help us not just in our personal lives, but also at work. There are countless advantages in these technological advances — for example, business can easily be conducted on a global scale, we can work remotely, which creates more flexible schedules and better efficiency, and files being stored electronically saves space and ensures that they exist in perpetuity (though it’s always good to have a backup). However, with all these advantages also come some pitfalls. But that’s where an IT service provider comes in. Almost every company needs either an IT expert or an IT service provider to help them adequately manage their computing services and needs. We’ll discuss why it might be best for your company to go with an IT service provider, what they cover, and how to find the right IT services for you.

What IT Companies Do For You
IT stands for information technology and covers the networking, hardware, software, networks, and other technical aspects of a business. An IT company will help you manage these areas of your business and provide preventive services to guard against things going wrong, but also troubleshooting services when, inevitably, something does go wrong.

They also can keep you up to date on the latest advancements that can benefit your company. Whether it’s better cloud hosting, a new version of the software you’re currently running, or a better spyware/malware protection program, they’ll know what to suggest.

Essentially, they let you run your business without worrying about interruptions or spending your own time struggling with your tech or trying to troubleshoot.

IT Service Providers Versus an In-House IT Department?

This choice often depends on your business and many companies still prefer to go with their own IT service department. However, in 2015, a survey showed that over 65% of businesses had outsourced to an IT firm in the last year. For almost 40% of companies (regardless of size), the reason for doing so was better security and compliance.

Using IT service providers means that you don’t have to be directing the IT department — they’ll take total control over your IT and be self-directing. Ideally, they’re a step or two ahead of you, making sure everything runs seamlessly and efficiently.

You might also have a greater range of IT services to choose from when you use an IT service provider, instead of an in-house department. And you’ll be able to budget more smartly — many providers operate on a flat fee and any additional costs are discussed before they’re charged, so you’ll know what to expect (more or less) every month. Plus, using an IT provider already reduces your costs, since you can eliminate individual salaries, benefits, training costs, vacation/sick time costs, and having to rehire.

An IT service provider also likely has a whole network of vendors and contacts they can turn to, which benefits your business. Furthermore, they’ll be able to document and lay out exactly what your IT infrastructure looks like, so you have an idea of the big picture, and what can be optimized going forward.

How Do I Find the Right IT Solutions Service For Me?

There are a few questions you should ask yourself first, before interviewing. What does your business need and what are you hoping to gain from these needs being met? You want an IT provider who has faced similar challenges or directives before and met them successfully. A good reputation and client base are important, as is the experience of the IT technicians they employ.

You want an IT provider that can customize a package to your company’s specific needs, not just push the latest and greatest on you, or try to saddle you with a package that has programs or services you don’t need.

Keep things running smoothly with an IT service provider who has a vision for moving your business ahead.

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