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How to Guide Your IT Professional

Feb 10, 2010

Having computer problems? Calling in a technician to help rectify the issue?

Here are a few helpful tips to ensure the process runs smoothly:

1). Explain the issue at hand to the technician to the best of your ability.

2). Discuss your budget and time constraints for the project at hand prior to the technician starting. Be involved in the whole process of your PC repair.

3). Ensure that your data is backed up. Often times, certain steps used by technicians to fix your PC problem can compromise the integrity of your data.  In fact, implement a backup system within your business today.

4). Be realistic. Computer issues are not a one quick fix fits all process. Some PC problems take longer to rectify more so than others.  Do not expect results immediately.

5). Technical support is not free. Expect to pay for the services you receive.

6). Some Pc problems like viruses, worms, or Trojans can/will come back periodically. Expect this to happen, but also ask your technician for way you can help prevent and minimize future infections.


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