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How to Tell if Your Business Tech Is Outdated

Mar 22, 2019

No matter what kind of business you run, some level of technology will be involved. And because technology continuously evolves, it’s important to keep up to date with key changes. Having updated technology is important for efficiency and security, especially if you’re part of the 58% of businesses that are worried about cyber attacks. So how do you tell if your technology is outdated? Here are a few signs to keep in mind.

Connection speeds are slow: One of the first signs that you need to update your tech is that you notice slow connection speeds. If your computers take a long time to turn on, load web pages, or download applications, it’s time to make a change. Slow speeds can mean a few different things, like needing a faster internet connection or new hardware. Fortunately, working with an IT support service can help ensure your connection speeds are as fast as you need them to be.

There are security concerns: For a business, proper security is a must-have — and this includes cybersecurity as well. If you notice an increase in cyber attacks, even something small like a virus, it’s definitely time to update your technology. Security problems tend to increase when software systems are out of date or just weak in general. Managed IT services can help implement proper security measures to ensure that all of the information stored in your business’ computers is kept safe.

Computers keep crashing: If computers are old, outdated, and are in desperate need of updates, they’ll continuously crash. Unfortunately, frequent crashing isn’t just annoying. When computers crash, they tend to take a while to boot back up again. This can cause employees to fall behind in productivity and even lose important work. As you can imagine, this is bad for business. This is why it’s important to work with IT service providers who understand the importance of reliable computers.

If your business tech is slow, unreliable, and outdated, it’s nothing the right IT support service can’t fix. So contact a local IT service provider today to make sure your technology is at its best.

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