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Introducing: Windows 10–The Next Best Thing

Oct 15, 2014

In recent IT news,Windows 10 Logo Microsoft has introduced a new and innovative version of their lead operating system; Windows 10. The introduction of this new system was geared toward Microsoft’s business customers at an unveiling event in San Francisco last Tuesday.

Skipping a “Windows 9”, Microsoft is going straight from Windows 8 to the new and improved Windows 10. Some of the new desirable features that were unveiled were the return of the Start menu, which was absent in Windows 8, and now has personizable space for favorite programs, apps, and websites, multiple desktops, giving users the fan-favorite ability to interchange creations between different desktops, a “Snap feature that allows users to view and work on up to four different programs at once, and a new task view button that allows users to view a single screen displaying all currently open apps.

With the ever-occupying needs of small business, the new Windows 10 makes it easier for users to multitask, an important skill needed in businesses everywhere. With the design of the new Start menu, users can easily view and navigate to regularly used programs, skipping the steps of a “history” menu and navigation memorization to favorite websites and programs. Being able to use two desktops at once can also be advantageous, especially when researching while writing, reviewing, and editing (both documents and websites). The captivating new “Snap” feature that allows users to view multiple desktops at a time is not only a time-saver, but a convenience benefit, as well. Users can now save time without having to maximize/minimize and open/close documents when multiple programs are needed at once. This is especially beneficial to business operators and employees because with constant needs of a pc (creating business documents, updating websites, emailing clients and customers, and many other uses), it is now easier to multitask, allotting more time and more conductivity for work to be done.

By upgrading systems to Windows 10, small businesses everywhere can enjoy a much more relaxed, productive, and simple use of their computers. But with modified innovations, complications and raised eyebrows are inescapable. Tech support is highly imperative in any new technological change or adaption. If and when you decide to switch your systems to Windows 10, MTI Tech Solutions can help. With our 24 hour help desk, we are always available to you and your technological needs. While we offer business productivity tools, our techs are up-to-date in all technology modernizations, like that of Windows 8, and can help your business with assistance to using the new system. Our emergency support department is able to help you when you need it, so businesses are not left in the dark when trying to navigate through the new system or inquire about specific features.MTI logo

We also offer full system monitoring and automation, which can benefit your business in multiple ways, especially when introduced to new operating systems. Let us do the hard part. Let us take care of your technological needs as they pertain to Windows 10, so that you can sit back and enjoy the new features without confusion, annoyance, and inconvenience.

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