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iOS6 New & Improved

Oct 6, 2012

iOS6 is the latest software release by Apple for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The software upgrade release coincides with the release of the latest and greatest iPhone5. To be honest some of the features offered by iOS6 are quite spectacular. Here is the rundown.

Google maps are now a thing of the past for iOS users. Apple has replaced the cumbersome and clunky app with their own version of Maps. Beautifully designed and with optimal resolution, the maps promise to change the way you will see the world. Features include tilt and rotate, smooth panning with maximum zoom, updated street names, turn by turn navigation, and real time traffic updates. If that wasn’t enough to peak your interest, maps also offers a spectacular flyover option to see a city and its sites from the air.

Siri has been updated to work in more countries and speak more languages. It has also been programed with far more restaurants; points of interest, the ability to find stats on your favorite player or team, and the ability to voice open all your apps. Siri will also post directly to Facebook for you.

Facebook has been updated to be integrated throughout the new operating system for those who like to use Facebook.

Photo sharing with selected people has been made seamless through the new photo sharing capabilities in iOS6. Simply select which friends you want to share with, decide what folders to share and they will instantly be updated when you place a picture into that folder. Sharing with fellow iOS users is instant and those without an Apple device can view your pictures on the web.

The phone app is perhaps the most exciting for busy people who get innumerable phone calls. With the new iOS6 a user can make the choice to send a call to voicemail, set a reminder to call the person back later, or simply reply to them with a message of unavailability at that time. Even more impressive is the Do Not Disturb feature which allows all calls to be automatically sent to voicemail, except calls from people you cannot afford to miss.

Other notable improvements are that Facetime is now available over cellular networks instead of having to wait for WiFi, the email application has been improved significantly and includes a new VIP inbox for “can’t miss” emails, Safari has been upgraded, and the camera now offers the impressive Panorama capability which allows the user to take a sweeping picture shooting 240 degrees in one swipe.

Overall there is nothing bad that can be said about the new upgrades, and while there are sure to be glitches for now it is highly recommended that you upgrade at your earliest convenience.

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