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Keep Outlook from Triggering New Mail Alerts

Jan 16, 2008

Keep Outlook from Triggering New Mail Alerts:

Have you ever been working on a document and lost your train of thought as a new message pops up or you hear the new message alert?

We all often boast about our abilities to multi-task, but lets face it, it’s often a farce. The suspense of the unknown; who is it? Is it important? IT’s killing you so youu switch to outlook just to find a SPAM message awaiting you. Now, you have lost time and your train of thought!

Want to limit distractions to meet a deadline? Do not fret, turn off Outlook’s email alerts for new message, it is simple.

How to turn off email alerts:

§      Choose ToolsOptions, and click E-mail Options.

§      Click Advanced E-Mail Options.

§      Uncheck the box to play a sound when a new item arrives, change the mouse cursor, show an icon in the notification area, and display a Desktop Alert. Outlook should now be disturbance-free, letting you focus on priority objectives.

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