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Maintaining Your Server Room Throughout Monsoon Season

Aug 23, 2017

This time of the year means high humidity levels, and even higher heat indexes. We all take the time to monsoon-ready our homes and vehicles, but something else that needs some special summertime attention would be your server room. Sensitive equipment like network servers are very easily affected by those high temperatures and climbing humidity levels, and a few simple actions can save you from a complete server room meltdown.

Temperature is perhaps the number one culprit behind server room threats. Here in Arizona, we experience “Extreme Heat Warnings” where the outside temperatures reach upwards of 120 degrees. Very few things thrive in that kind of heat, and servers are definitely not one of those things. Excessive heat will very quickly deteriorate your network’s performance, and can even cause the servers themselves to fail altogether. The optimal degree range for a properly maintained server room is anywhere between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit, and it’s important that this temperature is monitored regularly. Our technicians recommend putting in a portable air conditioning unit just for your server room, and installing a thermostat system that can be monitored remotely. Keeping your servers at a cozy temperature will ensure the longevity of your system.

The high humidity that comes along with monsoon season also works against your server’s performance. While air conditioners do extract moisture from the air as they operate, if you’re located in a humid area of the country you may also need to install a portable dehumidifier in addition to the AC unit. Further, just as an ambient air sensor should be installed to work in conjunction with your portable air conditioner, it’s recommended to get a water sensor for your dehumidifier’s deposit reservoir. I don’t think I have to expand on the dangers of water seepage reaching your equipment, so I’ll simply reiterate the following: it’s a good idea to get one. Just like the temperature sensor, be sure to install a water level sensor that can be remotely monitored to ensure your server room’s safety even when you’re not there to monitor it personally.

Lastly, just as being stuck in a cramped environment on a hot and humid day affects your personal wellbeing, if your devices are stacked on top each other in a stagnant room their performance will be affected. Give them some breathing room! Your equipment will not only perform at a better capacity, but it will be effective for a longer period of time if you just ensure that each device has some space to breathe. Remember: the ambient air temperature is always going to be cooler than the internal temperature of your devices. So, even if the room feels temperate, those machines need a little extra space to reach a happy status quo.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call here at MTI Techs so that our expert technicians can assist you in securing your server room so that it’s ready for all that Mother Nature has in-store for us this year.

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