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Mobile Malware: A Real Threat

Jan 27, 2016

mobile malwareDid you know that your mobile devices can be affected by viruses and malware? In fact, there are many different software applications that are aimed towards mobile devices. This type of threat to your mobile devices is known as “mobile malware”. Two thirds of smartphone owners don’t even realize their devices can be infected by this malware.

Most mobile device users keep their entire lives buried in and under the apps stored on their phones. With the innovative world of mobile technology, we can store essentially everything on our mobile devices. With apps like Apple Pay, the PayPal app, banking apps, and even simple notepad apps, we can store all types of information—even vulnerable information, such as bank account passwords and other private information. Cybercriminals see mobile devices as the perfect opportunity to obtain confidential information, such as addresses, phone numbers, passwords, and banking information.

Mobile malware is a real threat to our mobile devices. It is able to engage in plenty of detrimental acts without the user’s permission, such as text messaging a premium rate number, sending contacts unwanted information, and many other malicious attacks. Mobile devices are also susceptible to spyware, which can be used to capture information that are of interest to third parties, such as contact lists, phone logs, texts, location, and browser history. Some cybercriminals practicing in malware generation have also developed apps that secretly record telephone conversations and even intercept texts used to authenticate user identity in online banking and other payment apps.

Most of the time, malware is hidden in popular, legitimate apps normally found in the app stores of mobile phones. This way to spread malware is more commonly seen in Android app stores, but it has been seen in iPhones, as well.

Our technicians are very handy when it comes to attacking malware and virus threats. If you think you may be at risk, or have already been affected, feel free to call our office and let us help you today!

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