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Motorola Droid & Droid X Android Update 2.2

Sep 20, 2010

Missing features & delays in email service oh my!  The rollout of Android 2.2 has been anything but smooth for Motorola Droid & Droid X users since it’s release a few weeks ago.

What it is was supposed to provide:
Faster CPU performance and application switching


Adobe Flash compatible

5 home screens vs the 3 currently available

Enhanced security features

Ability to install application directly onto the SD card

Bluetooth voice dialing

Automatic app updating- set certain applications to update automatically

Better camera features including new buttons to control zoom, focus, exposure etc.

The Oopsies:

*Several applications lots misspelled should be lost not lots)functionality due to the rollout of the update.  Users reported that the update caused a dim screen that inhibited visibility when trying to utilize certain applications.

Users that utilize Exchange 2007 to sync with their droid may experience loss of email functionality.

Loss of contacts

Inability to upload pictures to email or onto social networking sites like Facebook, Flickrr.
If you have either the Motorola Droid or the Droid X and are experiencing any of the issues detailed above please Contact MTI today. We can assist you with some workarounds to get the majority of the phones functionality back up and running until Motorola & Android develop a permanent solution.


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