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PDF Files; What They Are & Why We Use Them

Mar 27, 2015

PDFPDF, as the name Portable Document Format implies, was developed by Adobe Systems as a means for digital file exchange. The main idea behind the file format is to enable all computer users to be able to open, review, and print the documents saved in it. This means that users who work on computers that don’t have the software with which the files were originally created can still see the document as it was originally designed and laid out, including all its fonts and graphics. Some of the beneficial features of PDF documents are:

  • They are indexable and bookmarkable
  • They can maintain detail in fonts, pictures, and diagrams that are zoomable up to 800%
  • They can be read in almost any operating system using any popular browser
  • Adobe Reader, the most common program for generation of PDF files can be downloaded for free

Most people who prefer the use of PDF files do so because the files maintain the original document formatting for both printing and viewing on multiple computing platforms. This makes it unquestionable as to whether or not the file will be compatible enough to be opened on a computer it is shared or sent to in its original format.

One issue that many come across with PDF files is the idea that they don’t know how to use it. More people are more familiar with Word documents, as this is program that is famously taught in the world of information technology. So when asked to send a document in PDF form, some of us may get stuck. But did you know there is a fairly quick, three-step process you can do to make a copy of your word document as a PDF file?

First, open the Microsoft Word document you wish to convert to a PDF file. Next, go to File>Print. Under your printer options, choose Adobe PDF. This will prompt you to a dialogue asking you to name the PDF file. Once named, a beautifully copied PDF file will open in Adobe with the same formatting as your word document.

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