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How Secure Is Your Company’s Network?

Nov 17, 2017

Your company’s network is central to your organization and revenue. This is why even a small breach could be devastating, compromising your company information and client security. A recent survey found that 58% of businesses are worried about cyber attacks, but that does not mean all of these companies are taking preventative measures. By working with reputable IT companies in Phoenix and testing your network security, your company can work with IT professionals to form a tailored security solution.

How can I measure my company’s network security?

The best way to determine the effectiveness of your company’s cyber security is to work with professional IT services. These professionals can run a series of tests to determine your organization’s security risk and decide what solutions to build from there. The following are some of the most common tests that IT support will use.

Antivirus Tests: Ignoring critical software updates and failing to test your antivirus software can easily put your network at risk. Once an IT professional determines whether your current system is effective, they can recommend a more appropriate solution for your network.

Vulnerability Scans: These types of scans are designed to test your firewall. Your company may unknowingly be compromising your firewall, so an IT test can detect these shortcomings.

Penetration Detection: These tests will scan for any vulnerabilities in your network and can be set up to run automatically. Rather than patching the network, your IT professional may recommend and entirely new approach.

Network Scans: This test will determine which computers are currently part of your network. If you catch an unknown computer, this might be an indication that your network security has been compromised.

Access Point Detection: Often, hackers will use mobile access points to penetrate a network. This test will catch these mobile spots, and then you and your IT professional can craft a solution to cut off this access.

While you think your company is doing all it can to protect your network, you may have more security shortcomings than you realize. This is where customized IT solutions and consulting comes in. Our dedicated professionals can offer the support you need to keep your network sealed.

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