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Tablet PC’s

Aug 31, 2011

As more and more tablets come to market, MTI decided to give you the skinny on what to look for when purchasing a tablet PC for your business.

1). You get what you pay for.
The cheaper the tablet PC the more likely it lacks processing power, memory and display quality.

2). Service Contracts:
Any tablets–especially those that have 3G or 4G connectivity—will be tied to contract obligations with a mobile broadband service provider (Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile). This can greatly affect upgrade eligibility and with tablet technology evolving so rapidly you could get left behind.

3). Usage:
A tablet will not take the place of a PC for certain functions however, for common tasks like checking email, surfing the Web, reading over documents it does the trick and provides an added degree of portability. However,

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