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Why More Companies Are Switching To Managed IT Services

Nov 30, 2018

Over the past couple of years, an increasing number of companies have started turning to outsourcing their tech needs through managed IT services rather than having an in-house department. By 2020, experts expect the managed security services market to almost double from $17.02 billion to $33.68 billion. This new model has taken off for a number of reasons, not the least of which is increased convenience to both the company and its customers. Discover the reasons why more businesses are choosing outside IT support services and consider making the switch.

Mass Cloud Migration

The concept of storing all of a business’s information in a mysterious Cloud caused widespread skepticism just a few years ago. Today, it is more suspicious and points towards an outdated method of data storage when a company doesn’t use the Cloud. Managed IT services know that the Cloud brings many advantages to a business and that it will allow them to continue to move forward in the digital world. Not only does the Cloud provide a solution for disaster recovery, it allows employees to work remotely and still collaborate, provides flexibility to efficiently meet business demands, and it gives small businesses the opportunity to match the speed and efficiencies of larger industry players.

Lack Of Technical Knowledge

Technology is constantly developing and competently keeping up with these changes can be nearly impossible for those without any tech expertise or resources at hand. When you turn to managed IT services to take care of your tech needs, you will know that they are in the capable hands of experts. Staff who work for managed IT providers know what services and solutions work and they’re ready to take on the upgrades as they come. These teams are typically available all hours of the day, giving companies the opportunity to reach out for help whenever they need it.

Need For Better Security

As technology grows and develops, so do cybersecurity threats. Chances of a security breach tend to grow as a company does, making the importance of having an experienced cybersecurity team on hand even more prevalent. In-house IT services do not always have access to the latest security technologies because of a lack of resources or funds. Managed security providers will have the tried and true technologies to protect against security risks, as well as the latest security measures.

Outsourcing IT services is becoming the norm for one overarching reason: peace of mind. When you know that a team of experts is always on top of your IT needs, you don’t need to constantly worry about a possible security breach or data loss. Instead, you can direct your attention and resources toward making your business the best it can be and let IT professionals take care of the tech.

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