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Windows 7: Which edition will be right for you?

Apr 30, 2009

We all know Windows 7 isn’t going to be released until September of this year, but why not get a head start on determining what version will work best for your company?

Microsoft has confirmed that there will be 6 separate versions of Windows 7 when the new OS is launched.  Some versions will not be available in the United States, don’t fret, these are the versions of Windows 7 you wouldn’t want. They lack the ability to share an internet connection and run more than 3 programs simultaneously.. not an ideal application for use in a business setting.

The run-down on version Features:

Windows 7 Home Premium: Includes multi-touch capability, media functionality, and the ability to create home network groups; geared more towards the home user.

Windows 7 Professional:  Includes enhanced networking feature, backup and offline folders. This version is geared towards small business users.

Windows 7 Enterprise: This edition will only be sold through volume licensing to companies which have Software Assurance contract with Microsoft.

Windows 7 Ultimate: Windows 7 Ultimate contains the same features as Windows 7 Enterprise, but unlike that edition it will be available to home users on an individual license basis. Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Professional users will be able to upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate for a fee using Windows Anytime Upgrade if they wish to do so.

Need help determining what version will work best in your business environment? Or want more information on version features, contact MTI today.


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