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Windows XP Should I Upgrade?

Mar 13, 2014


Windows xp should i upgrade?

Yes, Here is your Windows XP Wake Up Call 

Ok, this is not our first article about the importance of upgrading your operating system from XP. Over the past year we have presented a great deal of information about the life cycle end of XP, but we are still meeting with companies who have not or will not let their operating systems go.  Why? Because it comes at a cost not just monetary but productivity loss during the upgrade.

XP Facts

XP is more than a Decade Old, at the rate that technology evolves; this makes Windows XP a relic!!!

I overheard a business owner say the other day “if it ain’t broke, I won’t fix it” The reality is although it may appear to work fine, this mantra doesn’t apply to XP. It is broken in many ways, and when Microsoft officially pulls support in April it really will be broken.


10,000 foot view: Windows XP may seem productive enough and enticing to keep if you only use it minimally in day to day functions. It runs your applications, you can check email and you can browse the web just fine.

Do you realize you are shorting yourself with XP? As technology evolves it conforms to the end user’s daily functions making LIFE SIMPLER AS TIME GOES ON! The time spent to address the update and learn a new system is minimal compared to the time spent working on dated technology

New Technology

Now, let’s talk about using new technology with your OLD unsupported Operating System XP.

Manufacturers and other businesses are creating new technology specifically for the newer technology! Users with current software programs can employ new technology,software and hardware that increases productivity.  In the end that means savings in both time and money. With XP a simple task of finding a wireless printer, keyboard or monitors,  will be challenging if not impossible to find drivers and support to make new technologies work.


THIS IS HUGE!! Hackers are out there waiting for this opportunity to see who has not upgraded yet.  Any information on your XP system will be vulnerable; this includes sensitive client data, accounting and personnel information.

There are security releases referencing a “Zero Day” vulnerability in Windows XP.

Security experts believe that cyber criminals are anticipating the end of support for your system.These criminals are reverse engineering updates to discover the flaws and then crafting their plan of action.  A simple look back in history to Windows 98 will reveal a similar issue. Please schedule an onsite visit with us to assess your environment and see what we can do to help you prior to the end of support date.

If you do not know what operating system you have we gave directions on our Facebook Page,  click below to see the post:

       How To Find Out What Operating System You Have

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