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3 Easy Ways To Reduce Computer Downtime

Jun 4, 2014

3 Easy Ways To Reduce Computer Downtime

Your computers are the backbone of your business and without them, your business stops in its tracks.   Now that the holidays are over and everyone is back in their productive groove, it’s a great time to take stock of your computers.   After all, it doesn’t do your employees any good to be willing to work but not have a functioning computer!   Here are three easy ways to substantially reduce computer downtime.

1.   Virus monitoring Viruses can be so easy to get and near impossible to clean up.   If you wait too long before the problem is noticed, it could result in loss of data and several days of repair to the computer.    There are proactive virus monitoring tools that monitor your computer’s and inform your IT department before the user has even noticed any ill effects.

2.   Software updates Windows software frequently gets large updates and many major pieces of software (such as QuickBooks) do as well.    The best software updates are those that are seamless and happen when you aren’t even aware that they needed to be done.   Have you ever opened up Quickbooks and had to wait 10 minutes to work because it was installing an update?   There is a way to have them all done without you even knowing it!

3.   Computer monitoring With managed service monitoring on your computer, we can install software that lets us know if there has been a security breach.   It also allows us to monitor potential issues such as potential hard drive failures or disk space issues as well as checking to make sure that various essential Windows services are running properly on your computers.

All these issues can have a marked effect on your business and the productivity of your employees.   With just a few simple changes, you can substantially reduce computer downtime in your office.   Give us a call today for more information 480-812-0489

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