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IPhone Tips & Tricks

Jun 4, 2014

IPhone tips & tricks

How many of you have a smart phone? How about an Iphone specifically?. In this article we will go over some time saving productivity tools for IPhone users.

IPhone Email Tips 

Siri can read your emails to you! I’m sure you all know she can engage, but did you know she can read what’s in your inbox?

Siri can read out your email for you. Hold down on the Home key then say “Read my emails” to get the name of the sender, time and date sent, and subject of the email. Follow-up by saying “Yes” when asked if you want the text read out loud to you.

If you are like me I accidentally archive emails all the time. Did you accidentally archive an email?

Here is how to undo the archive:  So for fun let’s go to an email and accidentally archive it. Want to know how easy it is to get back?

Just simply shake it!

Shake your phone to bring up the Undo Archive dialogue.

Siri Tells You What She Can Do

You can use Siri to do all sorts of things, from switching on wi-fi to taking a photo. Do you want to know what other functions Siri can do?

Hold down the home button to activate Siri. Tap on the tap the ‘?’ symbol in the bottom left of the Siri screen.


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