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Quality Hardware & How To Protect Your Investment

Jun 4, 2014

Quality hardware & quality protectionBusiness Hardware

There is a reason that business class equipment costs more than home grade equipment- it’s made to be more reliable. Reliability is essential when running your business, which depends on the functionality of your computers.

Spring for better hardware

  • Computers:

Sometimes that “Great Deal” could end up costing you more than you anticipated.

Some things to look for when purchasing a new computer:

-Processor Speed


-Graphics capability

  • Routers/networks devices
  • Printers
  • Firewalls


Protecting your hardware:

Now after talking about the importance of Good Quality and appropriate hardware we hope you will go home and invest the money to update your hardware or replace it.

Great you have made the investment in your hardware; are you protecting that investment?

I raise this point because we in Arizona are now heading into monsoon season. Power surges and other electrical mishaps may happen and you want to ensure that your hardware is protected.

At a minimum you should have a UPS.

A UPS is a Uninterrupted Power Supply or simply a battery backup. A UPS provides emergency power to a load when the main power fails.  It also can protect against power surges (check the specifications first) The cost of a basic UPS is nothing in relation to the amount of money you spent on your hardware. Here is an example of a UPS available on Newegg.com. $62.00


In Closing: Have the right hardware in place for your business; good quality equipment. Make sure you are protecting that Hardware.

Disaster Recovery Planning is to ensure the timely recovery of information technology assets and services following a catastrophe, such as fire, flood or hardware failure.

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