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4G Versus 3G: What G is best for you?

Mar 1, 2011

Dubbed as “fast, new & desirable” by many cell phone manufacturers, the term 4G has created quite the buzz without us consumers really knowing what that means technically.

In a nutshell, 4G is a wireless broadband network. 4G allows simultaneous voice and data capabilities (For example, you can make a call at the same time you’re surfing the Web.) Cell phone providers also promise speedier downloading speeds with 4G; the exact speeds vary from carrier to carrier. Visit your carriers’ website for more details.

Who has 4G?

Before you run out an buy a 4G phone, let MTI give you the skinny on which providers actual have a 4G network otherwise you could get stuck buying a 4G phone, 4G data plans and only getting a glorified 3G network.

Tmobile: 4G network coverage in Phoenix & Tucson Only

Verizon: 4G has been available in Arizona for awhile now, however the unveiling of 4G phones takes place at the end of February. Please note the iphone4 is not 4G compatible. Visit their website to check for coverage in your area based on your street address.

Sprint: Does not have 4G coverage in Arizona quite yet. However, once a 4g network is implement in AZ, you can get a day pass for $9.99 to try out the services before completely converting.

AT&T: Coverage maps via their website indicated that 4G has not yet reached Arizona.

Cricket: Not available

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