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Windows 7 Service Pack 1: Patches, Fixes & Debugs Oh My!

Mar 1, 2011

Microsoft has released its first Service Pack for the Windows 7 operating system addressing minor OS issue.

Here are the most notable changes with the SP1 update:

* A bug fix for HDMI audio devices that stopped working after restarting the computer

* Corrected behavior when printing mixed-orientation XPS documents

* Changed behavior of the “Restore previous folders at logon” functionality so that all folders are restored to their previous position, rather than in cascading order based on the most recently active folders.

The service pack also includes all previously released security, stability and performance updates for Windows 7.

If you are a customer on a service agreement MTI is preparing to deploy the updates on your system shortly. Hourly customers must contact MTI to schedule an onsite visit for the Service Pack 1 update to be installed. Contact us today.


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