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Are You a Digital Packrat?

Dec 20, 2010

Is your desktop cluttered with so many shortcuts and documents that you can’t find anything?

If so, you might be a digital pack rat.

How to Know If You’re a Digital Packrat

Here are a few “symptoms”:

  1. You feel that you should keep a lot of files “just in case”.
  2. It takes you entirely too long to find stuff on your PC.
  3. You have 20 or more folders/subfolders on your hard drive.
  4. You have an unimportant email from 5 years ago.
  5. Your hard drive is practically full.

Being a digital packrat can become an issue overtime; it can slow down your PC significantly & cost you valuable time!

How To Rid Yourself of the Digital Packrat Bug:

The most practical solution is to go through a massive purge, clear your desktop. Go folder by folder and delete files, pictures, emails, etc that are not longer necessary  Got any duplicates, junk mail, old project information? Get rid of them!  This may be time consuming so pace yourself.

Once you have determined what items you are keeping, get organized! Determine how you would like to store your files. Stick to the routine of saving items in their specified folder or location regularly. In addition, make purging a routine, maybe once a month to avoid the piling up of digital clutter all over again!


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