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Cloud-Based Storage: A Small Business Security Solution

Jan 23, 2018

Your company is a unique operation, so you have your own IT needs. Of all of the many branches of IT, cybersecurity and storage are two of the most important. And this is why many businesses switch to cloud-based storage systems. While 96% of businesses have a disaster recovery solution, only 50% are using the cloud. By making this switch, you could give your company the security boost it needs to continue functioning no matter the circumstances.

Why switch to cloud storage?

As the IT services Phoenix can rely on, we are happy to provide our clients with cloud-based security assistance. Our personalized approach to IT support can help your business grow. If you are considering switching to the cloud, the following are just some reasons to make the switch.

  1. Connection: Cloud-based storage and programs can be especially useful for companies with remote employees. This connects your employees on one server and makes file sharing simple.
  2. Ease of Use: These programs are generally simple to use, offering a suite of programs. Once you train employees and management on these IT solutions, they should be able to use them with ease. And this creates a strong foundation to develop more advanced programming.
  3. Security: This is the main reason why many companies make the switch to the cloud. Since your data will not be on a physical server in your office,
    you can trust that it is more protected. This way, if an earthquake, flood, or data breach strikes your office, you can claim your data afterwards.
  4. Flexibility: Your cloud storage system can be what you want it to be. Especially while using managed IT services, you can work with your IT company to curate the right programs for you. It’s also useful for when you move your office. The cloud can hold your data in the meantime.

For more information about cloud-based storage solutions, contact MTI Techs today. We strive to remain the IT services Phoenix trusts, providing a variety of solutions for you. The security and success of your business starts with your IT, so now is the time to upgrade your systems. Then you can focus on future growth.

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