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Why Your Business Needs to Use the Cloud (If It Doesn’t Already)

Apr 5, 2022

Cloud computing has changed the game. These days, it is impossible to touch an internet-capable device and not be using the cloud in some capacity. iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, and countless other services allow you to upload your files to the magical cloud at very reasonable prices — most even offer small amounts of storage for free. There are numerous advantages to making the switch from local to cloud storage, and IT security services to ensure that the security of your data is not compromised. Below are the two most significant benefits, as well as the solutions IT security services can provide to mitigate risk.

Your data is accessible from anywhere

The importance of this fact cannot be overstated. The ability to access your files from anywhere in the world with an internet connection means being able to get more work done without being restricted to the office. Feeling stuck? If your work is stored via a cloud service, you can travel and see the world while still being able to fulfill any tasks that need to get done.

Your data is not vulnerable to mechanical/software failures

From firmware errors, to electrical surges or loss of power, to physical damage, to excess heat, to viruses, to simple mistakes resulting in corruptions — the list of threats to hard drives (external or internal) is as long as it is devastating. While expert IT companies like MTI Tech Solutions can often help recover lost data, it is much better simply to avoid the problem in the first place by storing data in the cloud

Phoenix IT services can manage any associated risks

While it is true that there are a number of security issues which may present themselves when switching to a cloud storage service, there are IT solutions to each problem that can manage these risks and give you peace of mind. Some common problems and solutions include:

  • Increased vulnerability to unauthorized access: Though having data stored offsite opens it up to new privacy risks, these can be largely avoided through proper encryption.
  • Data present on new devices: Because authorized users can access cloud data from anywhere, they may use personal devices which can be lost or stolen. IT security services can offer advice on the management of such devices in order to minimize risk.
  • Cloud login information provides access: If another party were to acquire a company’s login information, they could possibly access that company’s data. IT security services can help with the encryption and differentiation of login credentials to prevent such breaches.

While nearly all businesses have experienced data loss due to local storage issues, only 50% use cloud-based technology. Switch to the cloud to make sure that your data is safe and accessible, and reach out to MTI Tech Solutions to guarantee it stays that way!

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