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The Time Cost of Virus Detection

Dec 10, 2014

Slow Virus Detection 1Your screen blinks, your internet is allowing popups, everything’s moving in slow motion, and your computer constantly cries to you with random beeps and notifications. Oh, no! Your computer’s caught a virus! As far as computer viruses go, most of us have been there, done that. But just like a broken heart or a paper cut, it hurts every time. Getting a virus is like going through a bad breakup. You see the ugly sides of things, there’s probably some foul language involved, people cry, and some of your stuff can get taken away. But probably the worst part of both situations is the time it takes to get over them. It can seem like it takes forever!

There is a great, understandable frustration with the time involved with detecting and removing a virus. The scans can take hours, and possibly even days, but just like babysitting, the physical watching is what’s most important. If you’ve ever sat through a virus scan, you’ve noticed that there are quite a few memos and popups involved. During the process, your virus protection software of choice will keep you updated with every step it takes to move forward, hopefully resulting in a conclusion that details the problems found. Unfortunately, it’s not always this easy. Sometimes, the software doesn’t detect specific problems, and we are forced to use the aid of one, two, three, or even four different program softwares to detect the issue and find the source of the virus. And once it is found, the removal process begins. It’s time-consuming and downright tedious, but it’s a process that requires full attention in order to finish.

After the long, dreadful wait of detecting and removing a virus, we must all remember that our systems are highly vulnerable to catching the infection again, even if all spyware, malware, and virus protections are up-to-date. Opening even the tiniest file can be disastrous if it’s the wrong one. With that in mind, it is important to take precaution and preventative action to ensure your system isn’t at risk for future attacks. Here are a few simple steps you can take to avoid being infected with a virus:

  • Browse safely. We all know that certain sites are known for contaminating our computers with viruses, Trojans, malware and spyware. Steer clear of these sites to avoid their poison.
  • Download internet security software. Programs with this benefit can protect computers from malware by detecting and eliminating viruses.
  • Complete updates on firewalls and antivirus &antispyware software. Keeping your system up-to-date can help ensure less vulnerability to infection.
  • Be sure to have plans and options for system restoration and data backup.
  • Never click through links from unknown sources, even if they come from a “trusted” source.
  • Never open unsolicited email attachments, or from any email address that’s unrecognized.

And the last tip to follow when you’re at risk for or tainted by a virus is to call MTI! Especially during the holidays, viruses pop up all the time. Computers crash constantly during the holiday season from burnout, hackers, unprotected information, and for many other reasons. Our technicians are certified in virus, spyware, malware, and Trojan protection and detection, and we can help you. We also have exceptional skills in backup data, network security, and system restoration.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes. Start avoiding viruses now.

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