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Windows Update KB3004394: Badware

Dec 16, 2014

It may have come to your attention that the recent Windows update, the Windows 7 KB3004394 Update, has been causing issues for many Windows customers—from casual users, to gamers, to business professionals, all using Windows 7 as their operating system. The most recent update that took place on Tuesday, December 9, is being defined as badware—a software that has been installed on a computer without a user’s knowledge or control. Luckily, with some research done here in our office, our technicians have found a simple way to restore affected systems with just a few clicks.

Patch Tuesday is a term used to refer to when Microsoft regularly releases security patches for its software products. The most recent Patch Tuesday took place when this unfortunate update offended many Windows users. The update happened only to users connected to the internet doing auto updates, or to anyone that manually updated their system with the Windows update. Users were able to tell something went wrong when they were no longer able to run certain programs and install newer updates. You can check to see if KB3004394 has been installed on your Windows 7 SP1 system by going to Control Panel>Programs and Features and clicking “View installed updates” (in the left hand panel). Now type KB3004394 into the search box and press Enter.

Here’s a word from one of our technicians here at MTI:

“The Windows KB3004394 update was issued on December the 9th and has just been confirmed by Microsoft as a major problem causer for many users – reportedly affecting only Windows 7, not Windows 8, users.

This update will not only possibly stop you from installing newer updates, but AMD’s Robert Hallock has claimed that this update will prevent you from installing new software like graphics drivers – severely effecting the roll-out of their new AMD Catalyst Omega drivers which were launched on the same day as this update blow-out.

There have been many more reported issues on Microsoft’s support forums, with users complaining that they are unable to Windows Update Issuerun programs such as Windows Defender, VirtualBox and are receiving constant User Account Control errors. “

This issue has forced many users into spending hundreds of dollars giving their computers to local computer shops to troubleshoot what they couldn’t identify and fix themselves. It was a shameful event in the world of Windows last Tuesday, but have no fear…there are solutions to the problem!

Remember, our techs here at MTI have extended, working knowledge of Windows operating systems, and are more than willing to help you resolve and avoid this issue with current Windows updates. Give us a call today, and schedule an appointment to get your system restarted and back to its former glory!

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