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Compatibility Mode for Websites in Internet Explorer

Nov 14, 2014

It’s happened to all of us—the dreaded incompatible website. Whether it’s work, school, or personally-related, certain websites unfortunately have trouble matching with certain browsers. With a recent issue similar to this over here at MTI, we have searched and found the easiest way to view websitesCompatibility Mode 4 in compatibility mode. And we’d like to share it with you.

Do you ever have this message pop up when trying to go to certain websites: “Browser not supported” or “Download a newer version of Internet Explorer in order to view this site” or anything else along these lines? Did you know there’s a much easier way to view these sites than downloading a new browser or some other software? Well there is. And it only takes four simple steps.

First, open Internet Explorer. Then, press the Alt key (near the bottom of the keyboard; the direct left or right to the spacebar) to display the menu bar on your current page (it will appear right underneath the address bar).

Next, tap or click “Tools”, then tap or click “Compatibility View Settings”. From here, enter the link or address to the website you want to view, and click or tap the “add” button. Close the dialogue window when finished, and your website should pop up right away. Voila! Simple as 1, 2, 3, 4.

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