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Password Protection on Microsoft Office Documents

Nov 14, 2014

Did you know you can password-protect your PDF files? This can be especially beneficial to private, sensitive or confidential documents that don’t need to be in the wrong hands. Items like employee records or personal information, confidential company information, credit card information, and social security numbers can be difficult to remember sometimes, and a lot of us tend to store this information on our computers so that we always have access. However, if the wrong person entered your computer’s domain, or a frightful hacking takes place, this is not information that you would want easily-accessed.

Any document in an Office application and all PDF files can be password-protected. It just takes a few simple steps, and we here at MTI will show you how to do it. For a quick security option to specific files, password-protection is valuable, quick, and simple. Just follow these few steps.

  • In an Office application, click the Create PDF button in the Acrobat task ribbon.

Password Protect 1

  • Type a file name and select Save.

Password Protect 2

  • A PDF file will appear with your document’s information

Password Protect 3

  • Click on “Tools” near the top of the page. Click “Protection”. The option will expand. From here, use the arrow next to “Encrypt” to view a dropdown menu.

Pass Protection 4

  • After clicking “Encrypt with Password”, a dialog box will appear. Click “Yes”

Password Protect 5

  • In the resulting Security dialog box, set up a password and permissions as desired. Click OK, and then click Save.

Password Protect 6

Learning your security options within  your Office applications can be completely beneficial in situations like this. It is important to know how to support yourself, and support your documents, in the world of technology.

Please take into consideration that while password-protected files are extremely beneficial, they are not of the highest security. However, you can contact us today for information on high-quality network security for your systems, to ensure your company’s information is safeguarded. We offer the highest forms of network and data security, and can ensure that not only can your documents be password-protected, your entire system can be, as well.








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