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Mar 1, 2010

Like most businesses, your company probably has a website and email, but does your company own your domain name? Domain names are the names of the site. For example, www.mtitechsolutions.com or google.com are both examples of domain names.

Companies may either own their domain name or rent it from a 3rd party source. It is important for a company to keep track of who owns their domain name and when it expires. Letting a domain name renewal lapse can cost your company use of the web address pointed to your site indefinitely.

Finding Info about Your Domain:

Visit any hosting site like go daddy or network solutions and lookup your domain name. It will provide information on who owns the domain name (unless the owner has selected to keep this information private.)  If you have a certain domain name in mind that is not currently available, check periodically to see if it becomes available and purchase it when it does.

Thinking about a future company or branch of your company or just want to change your domain?  Start researching available domains and purchase ones you like now, they may not be available tomorrow.

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