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Helpful Tips to Keep Your Email Spam Down

Mar 2, 2010

Trying to keep unwanted emails at bay is a significant problem that most companies face daily and is still one of the biggest problems on the Internet today.

MTI Tech Solutions would like to share some helpful tips that will help keep email SPAM out of your inbox.

1). Utilize a third party Spam filtering service:

The complexity of spam is a never-ending and an up-hill battle. Many companies try to handle Spam issues themselves often wasting valuable time and money doing so.  MTI Tech Solutions recommends outsourcing this function to a company who offers an independent solution to focus  solely on spam filtering.

2).Consider creating a general company mailbox for all inquires to go to for all your current & prospective clients and vendors: i.e sales@companyxyz.com or orders@companyxyz.com Use this email box as the general email for the main mailbox on your website or for ordering products.  Not only will this decrease junk email to all boxes it will provide a unified mailbox for general inquiries

3). Implement a company policy that prohibits users from entering their work email into third party sites not affiliated with work related activity.

Many sites request your email address, to inundate it with spam & sales solicitations. Require all employees to use personal email addresses for items that are not business related.

4). Delete old email accounts that are no longer in use or no longer necessary.  Have you let an employee go?  Do you still need their mailbox functional for new mail? If not, we recommend deactivating their email account.  Any emails that you may need from your account can easily be backed up for later retrieval of old messages.

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