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Don’t Get Hooked by a Phisherman: Avoid These 4 Cyber Security Mistakes

Aug 8, 2018

If you’re concerned that your business may at risk for cyber security breaches — you should be. Today, 58% of all business owners worry about cyber attacks, though the number should be realistically higher. While many business owners assume that only large, Fortune 500 corporations are targeted by cyber criminals, the opposite is actually true.

And no matter the size of your company, a fault or breach in cyber security could mean losing company funds or stolen data such as employee and/or customer information. There are a few mistakes that many businesses make regarding cyber security, so be sure to avoid these four as you begin to protect your business in our brave new digital world:

  1. Thinking it won’t happen to you: Cyber-criminals don’t discriminate and will go after the targets that present the least amount of resistance. Even if you’re a small business who would never be attacked, you are still susceptible. The best thing that you can do for your company’s informational safety is to prepare yourself for the worst case scenario despite how impossible you think it may be. Using IT companies can help safeguard your company information.
  2. Ignoring the small stuff: The most basic cyber security methods are tiny things that you probably don’t put much weight on such as using different passwords for all of your accounts and non-repetitive passkeys. IT services can provide additional support in encrypting devices, removing ex-personnel access, and establishing cyber security protocols.
  3. Untrained Staff: Even your top employee could be totally unaware of the potential dangers of a cyber attack and the simple means in which a cyber-criminal could gain access. The best way to avoid having an employee fall for a phishing scam is to properly train them in cyber security best practices. Basic security and password protection can be the defining line between a secure database and a cyber attack.
  4. Not using an IT service: Believing you can manage the entirety of your business’s cyber security is a huge mistake. Don’t be afraid to allocate the responsibility to an IT services company that specializes in security software and protection. IT security services can provide invaluable protection as well as general IT services.

Whether you’re a corporate giant or a small mom-and-pop shop, you should take the time to invest in your cyber security. The information that can be stolen isn’t just yours but your employee’s and customer’s as well. A breach of security could mean a drop in customer and employee trust, and ultimately company downtime. Protect your information by building up your cyber defenses.
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