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3 Cybersecurity Trends That Will Steal the Show in 2018

May 30, 2018

In the business world, the reliance on technology and data systems only increases that need for efficient IT security services. In fact, 58% of all businesses are concerned about cyber threats. Hackers and cyberterrorists are getting increasingly more capable of accessing secure and private information. This year will hold trends in cybersecurity worth noting, especially as a business owner.

Artificial-Intelligence Attacks

AI is a coin with two sides without a doubt. It’s conception, and recent manifestation, were in hopes of a better, smarter future. One that held the capabilities of software able to learn and process information in a human-like mannerism, but at the speed and efficiency of a computer. These AI programs have created an advantage in the world of cybersecurity because they are able to learn from past security mistakes and therefore predict and identify possible threats in the future. On the other side of the coin, hackers can use AI to help breach firewalls and security systems with increased speed and ease, and even use the programs to crack passwords.

Higher Standards for Authentication

Password protection is an important aspect of many businesses that provide user access to their accounts. A bank that allows their account holders to view their information through an app, for example, would take password security very seriously. Not every business feels this way, and many continue to use one-step password authentication. They do so because they feel adding extra steps to the authentication process would hurt user experience, although there is a growing concern with password security among individuals. Many of these companies will begin to implement a multi-factor authentication procedure to keep user data secure.

Smarter Malware

One of the key strategies for detecting and preventing malware damage is by sandboxing the virus, which isolates the program and restricts it’s access to the system as a whole. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are finding ways around sandbox systems and are able to implement the malware. Some malware virus’, for example, are able to detect when they’re in a sandbox and wait to execute the malicious code until after they’re outside of the box.

With competent IT security services, many of these cyber threats can be thwarted. Managed IT services from professional IT companies means that your business is protected around the clock, and can have an IT solutions technician at your business when you need them. Don’t fall victim to an ambitious hacker, get the protection your company needs.

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