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Protect Your Digital Information Against These 3 Growing Cybersecurity Threats

Apr 12, 2018

Now more than ever, that security needs to extend into electronic use and your online presence. Cybersecurity is becoming a must-have in all facets of modern technology use.

Most people think computer hackers are hooded teenagers in their basement. However, a hacker can be anyone; your mailman could even be a hacker. So it’s imperative to protect your digital information against cyber threats. As the digital age continues to progress, you’ll want to watch out for these growing methods of cyber attacks.


Within the past few years, ransomware has become a prevailing (and lucrative) means of attack by a cyber criminal. Ransomware refers to a type of software that a hacker will use to restrict access to a system until they receive payment. In essence, a hacker holds your computer system hostage and demands that you pay a ransom to get it back. For the regular Joes and Janes out there who use their computer for pinball, it might not seem like such a big deal. However, hackers can skim all sorts of information from your computer system, such as your social security number, name, address, bank account info, credit card numbers, passwords, and anything else that has a digital footprint. This information is basically your life and in most cases, people will pay to keep it safe. Businesses have to ensure the privacy of all of their employee and client information as well, which can mean a bigger payout for the cyber criminal. Using an experienced IT support company to ensure your system is properly defended is key to keeping your info safe.

Breaches in the Cloud

The big providers tend to make it more difficult for hackers to access their cloud-based storage systems, but some of the smaller providers are prone to attacks. Cloud systems hold a slew of information, especially for businesses, and make for a lucrative target for many cyber criminals. As cloud-based storage becomes more popular, attempts to hack the information will rise along with it.


Hackers will often breach a system for the sole purpose of getting large amounts of email addresses and names. They then use this information for large-scale email scams, called phishing attempts. These scams can end up accruing a big payout for hackers and are relatively simple. The scam relies on human error and negligence. As soon as you click on the link or visit the page, the hacker has access to your system. They can steal information, hold your system hostage, or even continue to con you into providing information so they don’t have to work as hard. It’s important to stay wary of any suspicious emails.

While being aware of the types of threats your systems are exposed to is a big step in creating a defense against attacks, it isn’t enough. Many IT companies, who not only provide IT support for just about everything under the sun, also provide IT solutions for cybersecurity. Outsourcing to an IT provider can be monumentally beneficially to keeping your data safe and your systems running smoothly. In fact, 66% of businesses used an outside IT services in 2014, according to a study in 2015.

Don’t wait until after an attack to get IT support, be preemptive and secure your information beforehand.

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