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Google Voice

Aug 3, 2010

Google Voice provides you with a single number to centralize all the phones in your life. Your Google Voice number can ring multiple phones — either all at the same time or individually, depending upon your preferences. Google Voice also includes Web-based voicemail with instant text transcription, the option to set personalized greetings for different callers, and the ability to send and receive unlimited text messages, free of charge.

Setup: Pain Free

Setup is quick and easy. Simply create a Google voice account. If you already have a google account, sign in with your credentials.  The rest is a step-by-step walk through process.  You can also access google voice via any Android or Blackberry device. The application is equipped with a fully functional SMS (text) utility and voicemail. To use the application on your cell phone, open up the App and all messages will appear for each number linked to your account.

Downside? Images are not supported within the SMS function.

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