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Monsoon Season: How to Protect Your Pc 101

Jun 10, 2010

If you have been reading our blog over the past few years you will remember the annual monsoon season reminder. If you are new to our newsletter subscription, MTI had compiled a list of helpful tips and tricks to protect your PC during the Valley’s monsoon season.

1). Back-up your data to an external hard drive or have an outside company back-up your data for you . Monsoon season is notorious for causing power outages and can result in the loss of your important data. We recommend backing up your PC every night and implementing the use of a surge protector.

2). Avoid keeping your PC in areas that are exposed to the high temperatures. As with any electronics, the heat can take it toll on your PC. We recommend placing your PC in a well ventilated/cooled area during these hot summer months.

3). Rid your PC of all the dust that it collects over time. If you have ever opened up a computer, you would know that tons of dust settles inside & in time it could affect the PC’s efficiency. There are several products you can purchase that can help you “Spring Clean”.

4). Keep your PC up-to-date with the latest Microsoft critical updates, virus protection, spy ware cleaning & disk defrag.


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