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Internet Explorer 9 for Windows Vista & Windows 7

Oct 4, 2011

If you have upgraded to the newest version of I.E. you will have definitely noticed it’s trimmed down, minimalist interface. The changes have probably left you wondering where everything went! Don’t fret, MTI is here to give you the lowdown on the newest browser.

The majority of your options on the browser interface are now housed under 3 symbols: home, star and gear.

The home symbol: If clicked, this symbol will take you to your homepage. You can manually set your homepage to a website of your choice or leave it on the default.

The star symbol: This symbol allows you to add websites to your favorites and view your browser history.

The gear symbol: Users can edit internet options, print, view downloads via I.E. and much more.

Pinning Your Favorite Sites:

Pinning is simple, just grab the tab of the site you’re on and pull it down into the taskbar (Windows 7). With pinning, you can also get notified when activity happens on the website you pinned i.e. Facebook notifications just like your mobile applications. To unpin, simply right click on the icon and select unpin.

The One Box:

IE9 now has a single text box for website addresses and search, too, called the One Box. This box also includes your refresh and stop icons.

Do you have additional questions about the new IE browser or are you interested in upgrading?, contact MTI today.

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