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Windows 8

Oct 4, 2011

According to Laptop Magazine, Microsoft is definitely blurring the line between mobile and desktop operating systems with Windows 8, which combines an attractive Windows Phone-like interface that’s optimized for touch with the versatility of traditional computing (when you want it).

The developer preview is set to release soon; here are just a few of the highlights:

*Touch screen, Mouse or Pen, you decide, how you interact with the OS changes i.e. start button will appear in a different location when using a mouse.

* Windows 8 comes equipped with Internet Explorer 10 allowing for a full screen view of websites.

*Picture Password allow for you to select a photo for your password. Confirming your login will require you to perform 3 simple gestures.

*Smarter touch keyboards similar to that on a windows phone, but with more features i.e. wider display.

* Windows App Store that will promote Metro-style, full-screen applications, Categories shown off included games, social networking apps, productivity, education, and finance. You’ll be able to see screen shots, view descriptions, and try apps before you buy them.

Excited about Windows new OS? Stay tuned for more updates from MTI.

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