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iPad Mini

Dec 12, 2012

In a world where small is the new big thing, the iPad mini has arrived on the scene and in a flash of Apple brilliance set the world ablaze one more time. With lines of people cueing up around the world to get their hands on a device, that is fundamentally a smaller version of a bigger iPad which is a gigantic version of an iPhone, the real question is what is the “small” deal all about? Is it just another iPad gimmick or is it something really special?

From everyone who has tested it you will find that the latter seems to be the answer. The iPad mini does what Apple, in its ingenious brilliance, does best. It takes a plethora of existing technology, makes it cool and sells it to a wowed audience. There are however features that do make the iPad mini a definite must have this holiday season.

First there is the screen, which after much argument on bigger or smaller, turns out to be just the right size. With high definition capabilities and zero distortion of the applications the screen turned out to be one of the most innovative features of the new iPad mini. The backlit LED is 163ppi (7.9 inches), and operates smoothly at a 1024X768 resolution.

Next is the form factor and size.

Being that the iPad mini is smaller than its big brother (are we calling it iPad senior yet?) there is some definite rounding to the edges of the pad, which give it a very pleasing appearance. At 200MM high,134.7MM wide, and 7.2MM deep, the iPad mini is just small enough to fit into a backpack and just big enough to make a comfortable hand gadget.

When it comes to power the iPad Mini does not fail to impress either. With a Dual Core A5 processor and an optional 64 GB of memory, the iPad Mini is a hand-held gamers’ dream come true.

At the end of the day the iPad Mini is another addition to the powerhouse of gadget Apple has produced recently, and will doubtlessly gather a cult following. That being said, unless you are actually in the market of an iPad that is smaller and easier to carry,  a regular iPad or the iPhone5 are faster and just as cool.


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