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iOS6 Problems and When it Will be Fixed

Jan 18, 2013

Apples latest software comes with its own set of problems

The latest software from Apple brings more bells and whistles but also has a variety of problems that have left iPhone and iPad users frustrated and wondering if it is worth all the hype.  They are working to fix all of the bugs with the new software but it likely wont be completed until spring of 2013.  If you download the new software now be prepared to deal with some bugs and spend time fixing the issues. 

If you are debating whether or not to download the software for yourself here are some common issues and how you can fix them.

  • Wi-Fi.  Many people complained that after downloading the updated software their Wi-Fi got screwed up to the point that they could no longer connect to the internet.  If this happens to you there is an easy fix.  Go to your Wi-Fi settings and put the HTTP proxy on Auto.  Some people have reported this was an Apple server error that may resolve itself.
  • Passbook.  People were unable to connect and it would take them to the Apple store and not let them connect.  You can use this workaround.  Set your date and time one year ahead and try again.  For whatever reason this has solved the issue for many users.
  • Do Not Disturb. If you have set this feature on your phone or iPad you may not be getting calls or alerts when you need to.  This is especially frustrating when you are waiting for an important phone call.  The bug is supposed to fix itself in January so no work around is needed.
  • Maps.  Apple came out with its own map application that is not user friendly and has received massive complaints.  The good news is Google Maps can be downloaded as an application and millions of people are using it instead of Apple Maps.
  • You Tube.  Downloading iOS6 will also remove the built in You Tube feature.  You can have it again by simply downloading it from the app store.

The iOS6 software has received many complaints and will often require you to delete your applications prior to download.  It is supposed to be a better operating system and once the bugs are fixed there are some positive sides to having it on your phone or iPad. 

  • Siri.  She has been updated and knows a lot more about sports and movies.  She can tell you more information and access additional things on the web.  If you like having information told to you, without searching the web for it, Siri is a perfect companion.
  • Facebook Integration.  For the millions of people that use Facebook through their iPhone or iPad this integration is a fantastic solution to your constant posting needs.  By entering your account information on the settings menu, you can post directly from your notifications tray and share things from Safari.  There was also an improvement made to photo sharing.
  • Camera.  There is now a panorama feature that lets you take amazing photos.  You can also place photos in an album that shares automatically with friends when you take more pictures.

If you want the benefits of iOS6 without the bugs wait a couple of months and they should be resolved.


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