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New Tablet PC’s with Windows 8

Jan 18, 2013

The latest and greatest

Touch screen technology is the latest and greatest event to hit the PC world.  People that have been watching this cool technology on television shows can now finally have it for themselves.  Intially it was out just in monitors but now you can get it on a tablet. 

There are many versions to choose from and here are some of the best ones on the market:

  • Edge.This gaming tablet brought out by Razer delivers graphics that pop using the 64 bit version of Windows 8, multitouch-capable displays, a built-in accelerometer, and is in a slick black matte finish. It comes in a basic and pro model with the major difference being increased  RAM and a faster processor.  It runs for $999 to $1,300.  This cool tablet let you hook up controls and delivers the same feeling you would get from a home gaming consol.  Part computer, part tablet, part game consol the Edge wont disappoint.
  • Lenovo Coffee Table Tablet.  This is seriously cool.  Lenovo has taken the family dynamic to heart when developing this new tablet.  Where now family members can be spread throughout the house, each on their own device, this new tablet will bring them back together.  This 27 inch screen devise uses the Windows 8 technology and lets up to four people use it at one time.  You can unplug it, put it on the floor, and play Monopoly on it.  The tablet responds to up to ten fingers at one time. It comes with a variety of physical accessories like air hockey sticks and controllers.  It will go on sale for $1,699 this summer.
  • Samsung A TIV Smart PC.  This tablet comes equipped with Windows 8 and sells for a reasonable $649.  It has an 11.6” screen, 64 GB, integrated graphics card, Wi-Fi capabilities, Bluetooth 4.0 and audio.  If you are looking for an affordable way to enter the Windows 8 market the Samsung solution is one of your best bets.

Computer manufacturers are announcing new touch tablets on an almost weekly basis.  If you are excited to use the new technology you may want to buy a more inexpensive model now and wait to see what comes out this year.  The newer models are coming with more memory and capabilities that what is currently on the market.  The touch technology allows for smoother operating and will appeal to fans of the iPad.  With the release of Windows 8 manufacturers are putting their own spin on how to make touch technology more functional.  Innovations like Lenovo’s coffee table tablet will change the way people use touch technology and have an impact on family use of the computer.  Imagine an office meeting where everyone sat at the conference table around the coffee table tablet and did research while bouncing around ideas.  Modern technology is changing at a rapid pace, to make our lives easier. Windows 8 is part of that revolution.

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