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Speed Up Your Computer

Jan 18, 2013

Do these programs really work?

Is your computer running slowly?  Sluggish and slow computers can make it difficult to get your work done and can cause massive frustrations when on a deadline crunch.  Since so many people use their computer for work, school and pleasure it is important that they run efficiently and quickly.  Video streaming has become increasingly popular with Netflix, Hulu and You Tube so having your machine run at optimal performance is essential.

There are commercials out for programs that can make your machine run faster.  Here is what those programs actually do:

  • Remove spam and spyware.
  • Remove unnecessary cookies and programs.
  • Stop extra program from launching when you start up your computer.
  • Locate and remove invalid entries in Windows
  • Clean up your system so that all your programs are correctly communicating with each other.

Over time computers get cluttered and start to store too much data, invalid entries, and unnecessary information.  Using these programs can clean up your system so that it can function smoothly.  Imagine walking around in several layers of sweaters, coats, gloves and hats – you wouldn’t move very quickly.  Your computer gets bogged down the same way and overloaded.  When this happens you can have delays in programs starting and some that won’t run at all.  When downloading software to de-clutter your computer, think of it as a spring cleaning.

Here are ways your computer gets cluttered in the first place:

  • Frequently installing or uninstalling software
  • Regularly hooking up and disconnecting hardware
  •  Frequently altering user settings
  •  Botched updating processes (too many Windows updates)
  •  Having outdated or conflicting drivers
  •  Malicious software
  • Spyware being downloaded
  • Malware viruses
  • Too many documents and programs saved on the hard drive

MTI can help your company computer run smoothly by regularly performing system checks and maintenance.  Consider the valuable information you have on your computer and what would happen if it crashed.  Would you lose contracts, financial information, sensitive client data, legal paperwork or other sensitive material?  If the answer is yes you need regular systems checks to prevent massive headaches down the road. 

MTI can also help you save sensitive material by providing cloud server or other backup solutions.  By backing up your files to an external source you can access information in the event of a computer problem or crash.  Putting these safe guards in place is part of a comprehensive business continuity plan that is also effective in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.  IT departments should plan for the worst and MTI can help make sure that if something happens, you are covered.

An additional benefit to working with MTI is that we can customize solutions to help your computer run more quickly and smoothly.  By performing a diagnostic on your device we can remove things that slow your computer down, add more memory, and install programs to make it run faster.  While companies like MyFasterPC.com offer solutions for speeding up your computer, they may not be as comprehensive as you need.  MTI will work with you to identify the functions and performance requirements for your computer based on how you operate your business.  By understanding your individual business needs we can come up with a solution that is customized for you. Computers are integral to running a business and performing your daily job duties.  We can help make life a little easier by speeding up, and cleaning up, your PC.


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