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Microsoft Office 2010

Jan 12, 2010

Office 2010 will be released in June of this year with a new look and feel versus Office 2007. Four versions will be available: Student, Office Home, and Office Business and Office Professional.

What are the major differences?

The office Button: If you utilize Office 2007, then you are familiar with the big round button that took the place of the file tab. In office 2010, the button has changed, but so have the features of utilizing the ribbon. The button has been added to all the Office programs, including Outlook and OneNote.

In office 2010, you now have control over your Ribbon and what items appear on its tabs. You can even add tabs of your own and put your favorite commands on it.

Outlook Improvements

The Ignore Button:  Allows you to get rid of conversation threads that you aren’t interested in. Not only will it delete all messages in your Inbox that belong to the thread, but it will automatically delete any messages pertaining to that thread that come in later.

OUtlook 1

Right click on an individual message and select from a number of different options to manage your conversations.

In addition, the new version of outlook includes as social networking feed that allows you to track your contacts activities.

Word Improvements:

You can now make additional photo edits within word itself. In addition a new screenshot button has been added which makes copying and pasting a breeze.

office 2

PowerPoint 2010: A key feature in the new version of PowerPoint is the ability to broadcast your PowerPoint presentations to other laptops/pc via the PowerPoint broadcast service.

The service uploads your presentation to Microsoft’s free service and creates a link for distribution to your audience. Click the link and your presentation is available to other via their internet browser.

office 3

Stay tuned for more information about Office 2010 in our upcoming newsletters.


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