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Jan 9, 2010

Develop a company policy to help combat the spread of harmful PC viruses and worms

Does your company have a policy in place to help protect your systems from a virus infection? If not, MTI recommends implementing one.

Nowadays, employees plug their cameras, cell phones, ipods, flash drives, etc into their PC’s which increases the likelihood of transferring viruses and worms from PC to PC and even onto your network.

Similarly, social networking sites such as Facebook & Myspace and online game sites have become havens for the spread/infection of viruses and worms.

How can you prevent this:

  • Create a simple company policy plan outlining items that may not be connected to a computer (flash-drives, ipods, cameras, phones etc).
  • Restrict access to certain websites and review browsing history regularly to ensure that harmful sites are not being visited.
  • Ensure all Pc’s have virus, spyware, & malware protection on them and are up-to-date.

Need help creating a company policy? Contact MTI today for assistance.


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