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Outlook Tips

Jan 4, 2010

A few Helpful Outlook Tips:

Beware of auto complete

When you start to type an email address into the “To” field, your email program will bring up its best guess regarding what it thinks you’re going to type.  It has proven to be  a very handy feature ,saves a lot of time and often saves you when you barely remember an address that you need.  But, this feature can be your enemy.  Make sure it’s bringing up the correct address before you send off your email.

Similarly, when upgrading from outlook 2003 to 2007 remember the email function doesn’t carry through, make sure you have you contacts stored in outlook contacts section or you remember the email address.

Outlook add-ins:

How many times have we all sent an e-mail message, only to re-send it a few minutes later with an apology for forgetting the attachment?

There are a number of different plug-ins for Outlook that remind you (when you hit the Send button) to attach a file if it detects words in your note such as “attached,” “attachment,” “file,” or whatever other words you specify in advance.

Beware of the ‘Reply All’ Feature: Self-explanatory. If you want to respond to only one recipient, don’t click the reply to all button.


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